Welcoming #2022 with delight from #BombayShavingCompany

The calendar new year is a moment of turning the page in many ways.

People believe its a time to start a new chapter with the reset of the calendar.

Financial books are closed for many businesses to have a fresh book from Jan 1.

It is not uncommon for companies to tap this sentiment with more discounts and sales to ramp up their profits. However, tapping this sentiment to build a stronger bond with your customers while seeking nothing in return is a rare genius in marketing that one comes across less often.

I was pleasantly surprised today to be delighted by Bombay Shaving Company in the morning today when they sent over this wonderful delight.

I have shopped from Bombay Shaving Company maybe once this year. That too right before falling prey to second wave of Covid 19 in India in April 2021.

Post that I made just one more purchase in this department from a competitor of Bombay Shaving Company.

Now, I liked the products of Bombay Shaving Company but I never ordered again just like that.

Today, I am truly impressed with their genuine attempt to build a customer connect.

I dont know if this campaign was engineered by Bombay Shaving Company or by Bakingo.com.

But I am thoroughly impressed and am taking a bow to their efforts.

For sure, they both have at least one more loyal customer for them now.

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