#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

This may sound confusing but you would be surprised to note that success comes to people who are not actually searching for it. But it comes to people who solve a problem and are not actually looking for success. The scale and size of the problem decide the scale and size of the success they achieve. Of course, the definition of success also varies. It’s not always about the money one makes… So get busy with solving a problem rather than trying to be successful. Solve the problem and success shall follow  #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


Build an experience that I may explore

We live in a world where everything is going online. You order food online. You order clothes online. You order groceries online. You order movies online. You even order transport online. So what will happen to all these mega malls and stores that come as a symbol of growth and urbanization?


More and more brands come up to try and capture your attention. New delivery methods make the brand birth and brand death faster than ever.

But a retailer still believes that one needs to come to the store and take stuff. They believe the consumer has to take that pain and make that move.

One needs to realize that people still go out shopping to malls or to buy groceries at supermarts. They still watch movies and eat out in restaurants.

Routine is out and experiential is in.

So for any business planning to make that plunge into the high uptake cost of retail set-up, not just the product or service, but you need to build an experience for me that I may want to explore. It is then I would love to come over and over again. And yes, I expect to have a wow factor every single time.

Don’t disappoint me… after all, I am your consumer.

#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

Let the hunger of winning prevail over the fear of losing. It is painful to live in that fear, the first thing is to let go that fear. For that one must always think about the excitement of winning. That will define your winning moment and the fear will be permanently gone. #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

Whenever you see that you are in a majority, first thank but then start reflecting on what went wrong that you are here. Success is for those who go to the uncharted, the unknown, and not where there is a majority. #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


Chastise thy fate

Team Indus is an inspiration in form of someone somewhere trying to do things differently. For a nation that takes pride in being the back office of the world and is often reckoned as master of imitation (whatever happened to IP rights and such), Team Indus had put a whiff of fresh air.

With its race to moon as part of Google Lunar Launch competition, Team Indus is the single Indian entry and has faired till the point of last three.

Its disheartening to learn that they may have withdrawn from the competition now and it is down to a company from Israel and another from Japan to grab the coveted prize.

What is even more disappointing is the fact that Team Indus had to supposedly withdraw from the race for want of funds. ‘Very Disappointing’!!!

Its would be a shame that imitation businesses in e-commerce space or cab hailing/sharing or just scanners of menu cards have been able to suck large amount of funding dollars, just to burn them in name of customer acquisition cost; while engineering innovators and marvel companies like Team Indus are failing to get enough support.

One can only chastise thy fate to be witnessing such death of innovation.

Lets hope the news proves to be untrue.

#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

To act is the easy part, the ground is open and you can continue to go your way. However, before you start acting, dream big first. This dream will decide where will you go, when and how far… #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily