Hi, My name is Amitesh and I am delighted to have you here. With this blog, I am trying to share my knowledge, gain more in the process and ultimately help businesses, teams and individuals to grow and succeed. I work for Nielsen as a Director, Technology. You can check out my LinkedIn Profile. I welcome you to connect with me there.

While I have worked with multiple corporations like Infosys, Wipro, and Tata Motors, I got my greatest learning while running my own firm in omnichannel retail, Nimble Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

I had the honor of getting selected for full-time Management course in Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) and found the love of my life there.

My time spent in IIMA and then during my own entrepreneurial stint taught me that learning compounds by sharing. That’s my purpose here.

I am passionate about new technology and its application in marketing and operations. That’s the reason you would see me really focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

My shot to glory was my win at Lufthansa Runway to Success for my Sports and Fitness company IndiaLetsPlay, that I successfully sold to a clutch of investors.

I am also the winner of Next 100 awards. You can find more about this win here.

Next 100 Award

Important Note: All views expressed are personal and have no bearing on my current, past or future employers.