The Art of Persuasion

It takes a hell lot to pursue your passion. If there are Business benefits or job opportunities involved then persuasion becomes even more important and critical However, it is essential that we do the right type of persuasion.

While there is no denial that people try to pursue things, it is often difficult to land into your dream job if you do not do persuasion in the right manner. People akin it to pestering or troubling unnecessarily many a times.


However, if the context and intent of persuasion is clear, then it would be a beneficial persuasion for all.

The best story that I have heard about the art of persuasion is of Tristan Walker, who is the Director of Business Development for FourSquare. He pursued the founders of FourSquare with 8 emails to ultimately land into the job.

He clearly identified the need for FourSquare and relentlessly helped the organisation around it till he ultimately landed the job he wanted.

Go through the entire story as reported in Business Insider here.

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