Fears of #AI

There are two sides to everything. When there is fire, there is water. When there is life, there is death. When there is white, there is black. When there is positive, there is negative. From ages, mankind has been divided while taking sides. There are supporters of peace and there are supporters of war to restore the order. There are people who love meats and non-vegetarian foods and then there are pure vegans. And many more such divisions and splits build the equilibrium in the world. In Chinese philosophy, this is well depicted with Yin – Yang.


The new technological revolution triggered with advent of affordable Artificial intelligence has left the world again split wide open. With more technological adoption, there are more advancements. This is Yin. The Yang to is the growing threat to privacy and cyber security.

Data mounted machines with ability to think themselves provide significant edge to the make the smart animal called human beings to do smarter things. The mundane shall be taken care of by these intelligent machines that learn, adopt and execute on their own to first do these mundane tasks and then quickly move to the more advanced ones. The advanced tasks make machines capable of doing more things smartly. Consequently, they become more useful and enable human beings do more smarter things.

So far so good.

What if the fundamental assumption that the humans are smarter and can do smarter things turns to be untrue. Numerous studies highlight that humans are perhaps becoming dumber and more dependent on the machines. The smart human being is not doing the smart thing but is becoming lazy. So does this growing smartness of these machines, opens human beings to the risk of being dominated by the machines? Are we actually going to see a world where Terminators shall roam around and machines will decide what human beings will do.

These scenarios have divided the world and the smartest of people in the world are arguing on it. Intelligence and smartness of people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is beyond debate.

Debate worthy is the positions they have taken. While Mark Zuckerberg believes that machines will make lives easier, even though his own product Facebook struggles to wriggle out of the fake news problem. He clearly sees the value in machines dominating smooth human interactions. He believes that AI can trans form the world for better. Perhaps he needs to first put some of his solutions on to Whatsapp – to tackle with fast flowing fake news problem.

Check out his views on AI in the FB Live below:


The contrary view has been taken by Elon Musk, who thinks that the world may not be such a beautiful place after AI comes full throttle in the forefront. He fears that machines led world may be more susceptible to creating worldwide disruptions and that it would not be a better place to live.

The video below further emphasizes Elon’s stand that we are looking at a doom’s day scenario if there is no regulation on AI.

The contrarian views of the two Technopreneurs have reached to the limit of public spat between the two with Elon accusing Mark of not having enough understanding of AI.

Its an unhealthy discussion but it surely opens new view points and thoughts for probable pitfalls of AI.

Here is the link to the full public fight.

Public Spat between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

I am running a small Twitter poll to assess how people think about the doomsday scenario. Please participate.

Weekly #AI Digest: Fun Facts

Lets start with some fun facts in AI

  • Most the Personal Assistants and AI products are Females. Check ‘Siri‘, ‘Cortana‘ , ‘Cognea‘ to name a few. IBM Watson is the big outlier in this. But he recently got married to Cognea.


  • It is predicted that by 2018, more than 3 million workers will be supervised by a ‘Robo Boss’.
  • A whooping 85% of customer interactions will not have human reps handling the requests
  • People will leave their current jobs and become Data Science Instructors
  • Policeman giving you tickets for over speeding may be a robot or a simple machine installed in one hidden corner of the road… you may not even notice.
  • Your McDonald’s burger may have no human serving you end to end
  • Most of the news, sports and markets, that you would read would be created by Natural Language Generators


  • -Spider-ManSpider-Man Bot shall lead you to the closest store where you can buy the comic and enjoy reading it.
  • There are plenty on-field Robots and AI Driven machines in the field and there are plenty of startups funded to control these robots.
  • More jobs? It was said that with ATMs the number of tellers would reduce leading to job cuts. Instead, banks opened more branches and more people got hired. Bots would lead to new jobs – bot controllers, AI friends to name a few.

Besides, your privacy could be at risk. Recently, Google’s DeepMind was found to have ‘legally inappropriate access‘ to a lot of private patient data from leading hospitals in UK.


And here is the video of the week:

IoT Ecosystem Evolution

Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly and firmly moving ahead as the next big frontier for tech ecosystem building and investment. Below is a good compilation of the current active IoT ecosystem parts. Its a great compilation by  Matt Truck.

The ecosystem clearly demarcates the evolving space in IoT with a view on the future development of the tech ecosystem. It also gives details of the companies that are actively seeking at disrupting the IoT space.


Below is how the IoT space looked like in 2015. (Courtesy: CBInsights)



Inventions and Innovative Systems Open New Security Threats

We build inventions and innovate on existing techniques to assume more power – monetary, authoritative or territorial.

In the process, it is human to just focus on the positives of a particular idea, initiative, technology, system, method etc. Time and again, in real life and in movies, we see that human beings tend to go to the edge of invention and innovation, without looking at the potential pitfalls, and in many cases minefields, created in the process.

In the successful comic series and movie adaptation Spiderman, we come across Green Goblin – the civil super-villain. GG is the culmination of Norman Osborn unbridled technology and research explorations. Norman overlooks the threats completely and exposes the world to super damage with his negative aspirations.

A similar recount, we see from the latest podcast by Dan Carlin on failure of human race to handle its own weaponry.

Look around in the business world, you can see mountains of threats being overlooked by owners, managers, executives and boards in day to day management. Accumulation of these small minefields is enormous. Many business have failed the test of time due to this – fall of great Indian unicorn club to partial valuations, administrative failures of multiple government schemes over the years and in our backyard with everyday corporate initiatives.

Mature successful, sustainable and impacting inventions and innovations are the ones where the risks and threats are given the due attention that they deserve.

The advent of new technological innovations is exposing the world to new threats. Internet of Things is a potential innovation that is exposing the world to a multitude of threats – given its openness and adoption potential. Security planning around it when done well can leapfrog organisations to the next horizon. Here is your cheat sheet for IoT security reviews.

At least, we can take sound steps today to be safer and successful tomorrow.

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