#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

We live in a world that is getting meaner by the day. New tech has isolated people and has created distances in the closed rooms as well. We see around us people who can cause us hurt in no time. There are people who have this as their mission of life. This changes us and makes us like them at times. This changes us and moulds us in a vengeful avatar. We need to kill this demon. This makes us feel terrible and makes us feel down. We should uplift ourselves from this feeling. We should remember the time when we helped someone. This would make us light. This would make us smile. #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

That the fourth launch of Falcon was successful for Elon Musk’s SpaceX is known to everyone. The fact that this launch had followed three unsuccessful launch attempts. Even little do people know that the third launch left the company with only enough money to go for the fourth launch. It is at such moments that one needs to understand and realise that beyond the haze, there is the success, as long as we are on the right path. Right path is what we determine after thorough research to understand the problem and identification of the solution  #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

Almost all of us spend the most time to figure out what we want to do. In this process, we try to be good at what we do. With little effort, one gets to be good at what they do. However, often we come across opportunities that when pursued can lead us to greatness. This is around us but the attempt to goodness blinds us from this. So we should constantly look for opportunities that would help us to be great. And when we identify them, we should just give up the good to go for great. #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

This may sound confusing but you would be surprised to note that success comes to people who are not actually searching for it. But it comes to people who solve a problem and are not actually looking for success. The scale and size of the problem decide the scale and size of the success they achieve. Of course, the definition of success also varies. It’s not always about the money one makes… So get busy with solving a problem rather than trying to be successful. Solve the problem and success shall follow  #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily


Build an experience that I may explore

We live in a world where everything is going online. You order food online. You order clothes online. You order groceries online. You order movies online. You even order transport online. So what will happen to all these mega malls and stores that come as a symbol of growth and urbanization?


More and more brands come up to try and capture your attention. New delivery methods make the brand birth and brand death faster than ever.

But a retailer still believes that one needs to come to the store and take stuff. They believe the consumer has to take that pain and make that move.

One needs to realize that people still go out shopping to malls or to buy groceries at supermarts. They still watch movies and eat out in restaurants.

Routine is out and experiential is in.

So for any business planning to make that plunge into the high uptake cost of retail set-up, not just the product or service, but you need to build an experience for me that I may want to explore. It is then I would love to come over and over again. And yes, I expect to have a wow factor every single time.

Don’t disappoint me… after all, I am your consumer.

#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation

Let the hunger of winning prevail over the fear of losing. It is painful to live in that fear, the first thing is to let go that fear. For that one must always think about the excitement of winning. That will define your winning moment and the fear will be permanently gone. #MondayMotivation #GrowDaily