Retirement Announcement

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Looks like this is a season of retirements.

The most famous one being retirement announcement by the Tennis Legend Roger Federer. Thanks Sir for all the entertainment over the years. I have been a great fan of yours and always looked up to you for inspiration in skill, stamina, excellence, perseverance and humility.

There is just so much to learn from you.

Last month, Serena Williams also announced to hang her boots over a celebrated career of 27 years winning 73 titles. Another great story of excellence in sports and effectiveness on two sides of the green court.

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Another illustrious career of Jhulan Goswami came to conclusion last week leaving the world of cricket with a lot of inspirational story. This coming in the ‘Gentleman’s game’ is very special. Jhullu as she is famously known had a successful career of fast medium pace bowling in the international cricket arena. A career that spanned over 20 years started at a time when Indian Women’s cricket was not even a recognisable career option. Hats off to you Jhullu for your contribution to the game of cricket.

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Now, I also hear that the great Cricket legend MS Dhoni is planning to make a major announcement of retiring even from IPL. Dhoni has been the perfect underdog story who went on to dominate the world of cricket over the years. Him bringing his IPL career to an end is a true end to a phenomenal era. By the time, this is published this news is not yet confirmed.

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Now, one can accuse me of just talking about two sports. But these are the only sports that I really followed for a very long time in my life. Swimming being another. But its nowhere close to these two sports.

Inspired by so many exits in my favorite sports. I also am happy to announce my retirement from Wordle. My hobby for brain teasers and especially English language based has been a companion for long time. I was happy to top the leaderboard multiple times in the 7 little words puzzle in Economic Times. It always felt proud to feature there.

When Wordle was launched, it completely captivated me. I would not start the day without cracking the Wordle puzzle. Over the last few months, I had cracked the toughest of these puzzles in a reasonable number of attempts.

As days, weeks and then months passed, I perfected my art of solving Wordle. As a habit, I used to share my happiness with some of my close ones in friends and family. In one particular group comprising of my B-school batchmates, sharing the Wordle result daily became a hot topic. Some people even dared leaving the group if this as not paused. Thankfully love and respect for each other prevailed and sharing continued till today.

However, as I perfected my art of solving Wordle over a period of time, I also started thinking the day when I would stop this. I had set two conditions for myself to stop this –

  1. Either I am not able to solve the puzzle
  2. Or I have a hat-trick (thrice in a row) of solving the puzzle in 2 or less attempts.

I achieved the latter today and so keeping the promise with myself. I happily ANNOUNCE RETIREMENT from Wordle!

Here are some stats:

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this journey! It was not possible without you.

Signing off on Wordle!

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