#MondayMotivation #Independence

The last few days have been filled with the greatest feeling of all, to celebrate the Independence of our great nation from the oppression of foreign rule.

It started with a very contextual and very well executed celebration in the office. Choreography by youngsters to showcase some of the struggles of the freedom fighters and live performances of some of the patriotic songs by office staff made the environment really charged and energetic.

The celebration continued with trip to the great Punjab and specifically to the awesome city of Amritsar. Amritsar is a city full of history, religion and lots and lots of food options. The city was torn during the painful days of partition, and then further due to multiple military actions of some of the central governments.

The city has successfully and strongly rebounded back. A firm display of true Punjabi character. We were able to cover the following in a couple of days –

  1. Remembering the painful sacrifices of thousands during the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh
  2. Reliving the pain at the Partition Museum as part of #RememberingtheHorrorsofPartitionday
  3. Taking the blessings from Sri Harminder Sahib at the Golden Temple.
  4. Enjoying lassi from the 100 year old Giani Di Lassi.
  5. Relishing tasty food at Brother’s Dhaba.

Here are some pics from the trip.

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