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Faced a crude shock in the morning today when a heavy 7 foot wooden door fell on the back of our year old beloved car.

The initial reaction was extreme anger. With my son in permanent love for his ‘red car’, it was even more hurtful. Basically felt as if lightning of bad luck decided to strike and my poor ride came in the way.

After sometime, better sense prevailed. I checked with the contractor working on the renovation project from where the door fell down about the events that led to the accident.

Very professionally, he told me that he is extremely apologetic for the damage and that he would bear the loss. He also informed that he was concerned about the safety at that site and had gone to the market to purchase some items for site safety. The accident happened while he was away.

By then I had collected my thoughts and anger had given mental space to rationality. Since the vehicle is fully covered in bumper to bumper comprehensive insurance, the damage became lesser of my worry and I realised that its just a hassle now. With the additional discomfort of not having the vehicle for about a month at my disposal, there is really not much to worry about.

I inquired from the contractor about the worker who was handling the door and if he was hurt. By God’s grace there was no one injured.

The spot where the car was parked is a common spot for people to stand and chit chat in the morning. I further thanked God that there was no one at the spot at that time.

The anger had completely gone away by now. However, I still had to go to the body shop to complete the paperwork and hand over the vehicle.

I made a quick call to the office to align things and inform about my absence during the major part of the day. Just as I was about to leave, my little one wrapped himself around my right leg and demanded that I take him along.

Though the bodyshop is not the best of the places to take children, I still gave in.

For the next few hrs, we spent time together to complete the paperwork and make submission of the vehicle.

The car would be gone for a good 25-30 days but we, the father-son duo, were able to steal a few hours for ourselves together.

While we often complain about things that happen to us, we miss out on things that could have gone worse. Damage to the car can be repaired but had there been a human injury in the accident, the smiles above may not have been there.

Lesson learned from this. Say cheers to life. Be motivated everyday not just on Monday.

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