#Persistence and #Discipline Matters

We often hear the words persistence and discipline. Rarely a day goes now, thanks to the content deluge om social media, that one doesnt come across some article or a poster or a post that underscored persistence and (or) discipline.

The two traits form the foundation for getting things done. when things get done, outcomes come. This is success. And shortly the rewards follow.

I have been following this on first principles. Coupled with building atomic habits that make long lasting impact., theee small things have made a lasting impact.

Right before the lockdown started due to wave one of Covid -19, I started solving 7 little words puzzle that is published in Economic Times. This comes on week days everyday.

This small activity at the beginning of the day, gives me a perfect morning.

After some initial inertia, I am very happy to say that I have been able to make my submission in the contest successfully for close to 500 days now.

The feeling of a complete submission everyday gives a sense of achievement in the very beginning of the day itself.

The process is satisfying, the outcome is a daily submission and the reward is name in the leaderboard twice now in a year.

So my submission to you dear readers is to take pleasure of finishing these small things on a daily basis.

Big outcomes will follow with these small wins.

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