#MONDAYMOTIVATION #Citius #Altius #Fortius

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Last week, world’s biggest sports festival, Olympics, started with much fanfare in Tokyo. After a year’s delay, the event was successfully inaugurated and athletes from all of the world are competing to gain that sheer piece of metal that stamps their authority in the field. Of course, for the sport that they chosen and competed in.

While winning is important, its the spirit of Olympics thats equally or more important.

By the time, the players reach the Olympics village to participate in the global event, they have already proved their supremacy and expertise in the sport in their country of origin. They are the top talent in their country and have competed multiple times and won. They are winners already.

Their fellow competitors respect this and really it doesnt matter if one wins or loses, they just want to come and finish what they started.

Its a wait for 4 long years for them to arrive here.

Its a true test of their talent, perseverance and tenacity. They just want to do their best when they are performing and competing for their country in the arena.

They just want to go Swifter, Higher, Faster.

So is embodied in the spirit of Olympics – Citius, Altius, Fortius.

And this is the lesson we can learn from them. To continuously strive to live the Olympics spirit everyday and in every sphere of our life. This is the spirit of the winner. Medal is only a consolation.

More so after what the world has experienced in the last 12-18 months due to the pandemic.

Hail this spirit!

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