Its quite interesting that one needs to bridge the gap between where they are today and explore uncharted territories to become what they always wanted to be.

Multiple times we are told that the one needs to come out of their comfort zone to do things that make a difference, first to their own lives and then to others.

I learned swimming in the last few years. That is well into my mid 30s. Despite the fact that I spent a good one full year in Hawaii, the fear of drowning always kept me away from both the fun of water sports and also from a wonderful full body exercise of swimming.

I thank the swimming coach you helped me in crossing the summit of fear with swimming. Now, I can easily do full Olympic pool size laps without fear or hesitation.

In the process, I learned a wonderful water exercise in swimming as well.

So one should not fear the limits, but find ways to mount them. There is victory beyond it.

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