#MONDAYMOTIVATION #Grow #BitbyBit #Bloom

I recently completed 200+ posts on this blog. This one is 208th. I wouldnt claim that I have been regular here but I always intended to be.

When I initially started this blog in 2017, I was planning to make it an ‘overnight success’. A thing that doesnt really exist. I started writing randomly but regularly on multiple topics. There was no theme, no rhythm and no pattern in them. But I kept writing.

Traffic was poor. It still is not that great though.

My topics ranged from general topics, common news, technology abstract to deep technology and so on. Again no specific theme but kept writing.

Then I decided to make ‘Monday Motivation’ as a regular feature here. I would say it went well for multiple weeks. Then it derailed as I couldnt see traffic coming as I had anticipated.

But still kept publishing. Monday Motivation posts became more regular and then few posts per week.

Finally, the pandemic gave a good push last year but incoherence in content led to a confused targeting and a mixed matrix.

I suspended regular blogging again to figure out how to manage this content initiative.

In April 2021, my entire family was hit by the pandemic. This led to a month long suspension of any kind of activity here. However, as soon as I could, I wrote the entire experience with a day wise log of our experience. This blog got more than 2000+ visitors so far and counting.

This gave me new ideas about how I want to manage the blog.

Now there are three parts to it –

  1. Monday Motivation will be regular. I promise to do it every week. Plan it better and do it better.
  2. Make this blog actually about growing daily only. Stories, ideas, theory, research and practical guide to grow will become a regular feature both in personal and professional domain.
  3. All tech related content and future tech content would move to http://www.atfortech.com. This site is work in progress and will soon be active.
  4. All financial and markets related blogging and content will go to http://www.wealthians.com. Its a dream of both my wife and mine to make this as our permanent long term career option. Fingers crossed.
  5. Adding more videos and relatable content to ensure that we have quick inputs on wide range of topics.

As you can see, its important to grow bit by bit but continuing to grow is uber essential.

Wish me luck as I embark this journey and also to yourselves so that you achieve everyday success.


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