Sunday Special: #Relaxation #Cutting #Edge and #Recovery

This is my WhatsApp pick for this week.

Again got pushed to ruminate.

What does it mean to be ‘on the cutting edge’?

Aren’t words like ‘on the cutting edge’, ‘bleeding edge’, ‘cut-throat’ etc violent in their own definition?

Do they make any sense in their conjunction with opposite and non-violent sentiments of relaxation, peace, calmness, meditation etc?

Unfortunately, the humour of the cartoonist puts one into a pensive mood to explore just this. The question to wonder about ‘where are we headed?’

In the modern age of intense competition and oneupmanship, there is a constant strive to be better than the rest. There is a never ending churn to try and beat the best.

Charles Darwin gave the concept of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. It essentially meant that in an ever-evolving world, only the ones who are fit to sustain the change will survive. The ones who cannot adapt will perish. Its a natural cycle of nature.

Modern world has grown way beyond just survival. Its more about elbowing out others and being combative. Long gone are the days to be accommodative.

Success at any cost – is the latest lesson being taught. But what is the definition of success?

Pervasive tech has opened new definitions, criteria and mantras for success.

There is an open debate on how do we measure success.

  • Some measure it through bank balance and net worth
  • Some measure it through fame – number of citations in the media or relevant prints
  • Some measure it through airtime
  • In current times, some measure by the number of followers on social media
  • Some measure if with their designation or with their position in hierarchy
  • Some measure it by the budgets they are managing
  • And the list goes on

Anything that gets measured and gets expressed in numbers ought to become a success criteria. Or in other words, new ways and means to measure almost things are being invented every single day.

With a booming world population, these numbers becomes a reliable and comparable metric to define success.

Hence, this forward holds a lot of significance. If one wants to be ‘on the cutting edge of relaxation’, what could be the success criteria for it –

  1. How many hours spent in meditation?
  2. Number of relaxation sessions attended?
  3. Amount of money spent on relaxation?
  4. Number of relaxation gurus known?
  5. Number of books read on the topic? Or even written on this?
  6. Number of times this is discussed in a day?
  7. Number of people added to the ‘herd’?
  8. Number of apps helping to do it?
  9. and so on…

We may need to wait for things to evolve better to understand this. Someone somewhere is surely working on this.

While we may need more time to assess this and come to a ‘Global Standard’ on how do we define ‘being on the cutting edge’, one of the charts from last week that caught my attention is the one by McKinsey on the recovery duration of some of the sectors in post COVID-19 world.

Its clear 2020 is a write-off year for almost all the businesses. Though hopes for a V-shape or a U-shape recovery continue to drive the markets at a broad level.

Thats all for this Sunday. Have a good time with your loved ones 🙂

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