Sunday Special: A #Picture’s worth a #Thousand #Words

Got this image as a forward on Whatsapp…

Initially, I thought of linking it with a recent research on narcissism from HBR.

Basically, short article speaks about the 2460 basketball games that have been analysed and their twitter feeds have been studied. It was found in the study that –

  1. Highly narcissist members are more active with self appreciation on their Twitter handles
  2. They do not make the best team members as they think of themselves much beyond their actual potential
  3. So the recommendation was to watch out for narcissists

This is again an open topic as many companies still continue to hire narcissists at multiple levels, as per this article of HBR.

Slightly dated but this article is still very relevant.

However, as I kept staring this photo more and more, I felt it could be interpreted as a following as well –

  • Projection of what you want to be
  • The beast within with soft outer composure
  • Pretending?
  • And more…

While not always one comes across such forwards, but this one truly made me thinking… a lot!

What do you make out of this forward? Happy to hear… leave comments anywhere 🙂

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