Sunday Special: #Zugswang

Zugswang is a position of disadvantage in Chess when the player must make a move when they rather pass it and not move at all.

Its a mandatory step that one must take without having an option to skip.

The leading party definitely enjoys it so that they can be at an assailable advantage with it.

Imagine now that two machines or algorithms are facing this situation.

If you have 15 minutes today, spare that time to watch the video below. It a classic competition between Stockfish and Alpha Zero.

Its a beautiful game of chess and you can see how AlphaZero is able to strangle Stockfish into a Zugswang position. With not much left in the position of Zugswang, Stockfish gives up and loses.

Simply brilliant chess between two artificial brains with one prevailing over the other.

While Stockfish made comebacks after this but the overall score between AlphaZero and Stockfish stays in favour of the former by a long distance.

Lets if Stockfish 8 or later version can take the ‘revenge’ with Zugswang from AlphaZero.

In the real world though, things are little different. Got this over WhatsApp and can’t stop laughing.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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