Day 44 – Liquor’s Dichotomy – #IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown

Allow liquor sale; illicit trade burden on exchequer: CIABC to 10 ...
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The Liquor’s Dichotomy

I come from those factories where the chimneys are blowing loud and hot,
My death usually happens from a can, glass or a shot.

The love for me is every growing,
Some say its their lives that I am ruining.

I come in many brands, flavors and colors,
People love me whether it is a cold winter or its bright summers.

I have some companions in cold ice,
You can have the better of me when you mix me with my cousins and add some spice.

Singers and bards have dedicated a lot of their work to me,
Love for me is natural whether its from they, he or she.

In movies, I am regular companion to show class,
I am available to all whether its the celebrities or the general mass.

My age is also a strange conundrum,
In some cases I last few months, in some cases years,
But as I age more, people are ready to pay a heavy sum.

They say that I am a bad influence on people,
I cause addiction,
I break families,
And many a times I am the spoiler in a ritual.

They vilify me and want me banned,
Some people earn their livings from me by taking an adverse stand.

But tell me something,
Did I invite you to meet me?
Remember you come searching for me,
From land, mountains and the sea.
And pay a heavy price as I seldom come free.

You may curse my makers and my marketeers for the tricks they play,
They are the bad guys, you can punish them or even slay.

Today we are in uncertain times,
I have been waiting in my shelf while you stand in lines.

I know your love for me and you know my love for you,
This shall also pass, together we will see it through.

I am the savior of economies as they claim,
If you have a problem, regulate my consumption,
Why punish me with all the blame?

I feel happy when I see that the love from many towards me is so true,
I usually want only adults to like me,
Unfortunately now there are more youngsters, earlier they were few.

But I do save the day as I help governments earn more,
Corona or anything else, together we will settle the score.

Sometimes I get scared with the obsession I see,
As if it was not enough already, you named a virus after me?

As I am the curse that you may have not realized,
If not controlled, I will destroy you, even if its death you have defied.

So, lets not complain and make a promise
You will not be greedy for me whatever is the premise.

We will fight and sustain together in these times changing,
Lets sit together buddy as if there is no tomorrow again and today is the ending!

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