Day 30 – 30 Things in 30 Days – #Lockdown #COVID-19

Brown Cave Great Outdoors Month Facebook PostWhile we wait for the situation to normalize after the extended lock down due to the COVID-19 situation, we recently completed the 30 days of quarantine.

If nothing else, everyone went through a life changing experience in ways of working or in the ways of connecting with people.

The following are the 30 things that I have experienced or mulled over in the last 30 days of the lock down.

Some of these could be a repeat from a similar earlier post for 7 days or so. However, it is still worth enlisting the current thirty we have.

  1. Freedom to move is a big freedom. We should preserve it without taking it for granted to be with us always.
  2. Man made problems are closer than we think they are.
  3. Technology cannot solve all our problems but can definitely make it easier for us to live with it.
  4. There is no substitute to good home made food.
  5. More time with family is the best stress buster one can have in their lives.
  6. Internet is definitely an essential utility and we should perhaps have a ‘Right to internet’.
  7. An essential service that is not counted as one is barbershops and saloons. Well-being requires good hair cut and well-being of hair as well.
  8. Content on Netflix is the best if you are interested in international content and not just local language/national programs.
  9. One should try something new. I am experimenting with multiple things at the same time. Succeeding in few and failing in some.
  10. You should learn the side effects of performance hacks that you try or they can be counter productive. One must take proper precaution before trying them as well.
  11. I tried the performance hack of increasing your grey cells by taking shower in ice cold water. As I didnt put a warm jacket after the shower, I fell sick with fever for two days. So read the fine print, surrounding notes and foot notes properly before trying anything new.
  12. One should definitely take up writing as an important part of their everyday life. it improves your control over your thinking significantly.
  13. The best first task of the day is to make your own bed when you wake up. It gives a huge feeling of accomplishment.
  14. Regular news channel have the potential to make your thoughts toxic.
  15. Whatsapp and FB are still full of filth and spoil your ability to think clearly.
  16. One can achieve a regular schedule with little effort.
  17. I took up Yoga and have been practicing it for last 15 days now. Its an excellent exercise to start your day.
  18. Breathing as I learned in Yoga helps in multiple ways such as regulating your blood flow, reducing stress, helping you calm your minds.
  19. Human needs are much simpler than what we usually exercise. We survived without a mall visit for the last 35 days. Isnt that strange?
  20. Technology detox is required and essential. Best way is to take breaks in between your work to ensure that you are in your best performing shape.
  21. Participating in household work is a great foundation for team play.
  22. Mankind is far off from preserving itself from itself. A whole lot of inventions are required to achieve a state of steady preservation.
  23. Many people dont understand that risk taking works both ways, as was seen with recent six scheme bust of Franklin Templeton.
  24. Indian startups are yet to come to main stage with essential inventions. Fact that still most of the users hook up to tools like Zoom etc for conferencing shows the lack of local innovation in large countries like India.
  25. We should have many new chefs by the end of the lock down. So there could be a glut in the market of household cooks for hire.
  26. Majority of world population does not know what their priorities. In advanced countries like US people are protesting in name of freedom while in lesser advanced countries like India, people are crowding in some places to grab essentials for their survival.
  27. Virtual communication is here to stay and will change the way we operate in the world.
  28. The obvious impact of 27 should come on commercial real estate. So, one should stay away from it.
  29. Social interaction is a definite grease one requires to smoothly control their overall well-being.
  30. There is no better way than engaging in some fun activities with your families and kids. The video below is the proof of the same.

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