Day 22 – The Jumper Problem – #Lockdown #COVID-19

The Jumper Problem for the economy is taking more time to come to any shape as compared to what I initially thought.

Here is the first part of ‘The Jumper Problem’, just in case you are one of the uninitiated.

The lock down extension to May 3, 2020 has increased the economic impact of this pandemic and clearly is becoming a use case for generations to study.

While scurrying through multiple ideas and literature around it, it dawned to me that I should reach out to the sensible and smart readers of this blog to help me with the ideas as well.

A combination of my thoughts, my readings from the experts around us and of course the readers will help me build stronger content for this vast topic.

I have put together a very simple survey.

I sincerely request you to kindly take 5 mins of your time and fill it up. This will help in enriching this very thought.

I also request you to circulate it in your circles so that I can get more and more ideas from as many walks of life as possible. Appreciate your help here.

This will be open till Sunday afternoon (April 19, 2020) so that I can publish the findings on Sunday evening or Monday morning tops.

Thank you.

Here is the direct link for the survey OR you can fill below.

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