Day 8 – Few Funny Numbers – #IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown21

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I have experimented a lot with this blog. That is when I am regular on it. However, I do love writing here and try to be regular… despite really long hiatus. I hope the momentum built this time stays, for a reasonable amount of time, if not forever.

One such experiment that I enjoyed a lot was playing with numbers to explore weird and at times ‘wicked’ correlations/factors of things and forces around us.

Below are a few of those experiments. I enjoy reading these even today 🙂

Sehwag's Century

  • In the same year 2017, HBR published a study that claimed that as per research by few highly accomplished research scholars, pollution has an adverse effect on the stock markets. Living in Delhi, easily the world’s most polluted, and a stock markets enthusiast (I am still very positive in my portfolio despite the market meltdown), I decided to run a study of my own. Here is the complete blog. Its a long read but a comprehensive one.

NOx vs Sensex

  • The year 2017 also saw the release of Bahubali 2, The magnum opus from the Indian movie industry for a long time. It made me wonder if the stock markets had any interest in such mega releases. My naivete had me probe whether such movies have any behavioral impact on the stock markets, essentially algorithmic trades designed by humans. This study was another interesting exercise but unfortunately, did not give any indication of human desire for entertainment and the greed to earn more money. Here is the full study.


No of fatalities and Mobile Phone

  • Lastly, a very obtuse but interesting study to see if there is any correlation between the age of Miss India and the number of people killed in road accidents in Meghalaya. The correlation came a whopping 82%.


Bye for now… Enjoy reading!

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