Day 1 – The Poet – #IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown21

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With this series, I will capture local and global, domestic and foreign, Indian and international, work and pleasure and health and safety-related news bytes, thoughts and experiences for the next 21 days.

No set format.

Free text or sound or video or anything that conveys the thoughts…

Here goes…

Its the Day 1 of the #lockdown,

Everyone is held captive from top to down.

Captive in their own little world,

The world that was taken away from the world.

With the new year starting today, life has just begun afresh,

A reset button, a push back and a stock market crash.

Everything is paused and silent,

Some find it peaceful while some find it poignant.

Some are just enjoying the forwards on social media,

While some are just missing the office hysteria.

Senior to junior executives of firms of all sizes,

Are taking turns at household work as their halo subsides.

For basic is to survive,

Then we will talk about revive and then thrive.

In some corners, kids are making noise,

They want to play out and not sit in front of a device.

Days sway from cracking jokes to arguing spouses,

A hiatus was needed but certainly not in form of crisis.

Streets are empty and intersections don’t choke,

Factory chimneys do not pump out any smoke.

We stare at the change of economics and how we operate,

Forget hugs, we don’t shake hands…

But we have stories to narrate.

For we witness a potential proof of nature’s fury,

There are only theories so far, but no truth on the origin of this misery.

Governments are scrambling with solutions unknown,

But hospitals are filled while more help being flown.

Trains don’t chug, cockpits are dark,

Towns are ghostly, cemeteries filling but no one is in the park.

Human intelligence is contested with levels of audacity,

Schmucks are those who mock the nature’s ferocity.

Selfies and TikTok videos are defining boundaries of ineptness,

Laughter from these is the one that fills this emptiness.

But fight we must to overcome this,

Life is too short but it is there till it is.

Its a good time to reflect and review where we are,

Now that we have a natural purge that will leave a permanent scar.

We should replay and replay this in our lives,

Because the world will be back on its feet…

As mankind not just survives but also thrives.

We wait in our confinement as we close nearer to the end of this game,

As the world from yesterday no longer exists,

Tomorrow is just not the same…


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