Build an experience that I may explore

We live in a world where everything is going online. You order food online. You order clothes online. You order groceries online. You order movies online. You even order transport online. So what will happen to all these mega malls and stores that come as a symbol of growth and urbanization?


More and more brands come up to try and capture your attention. New delivery methods make the brand birth and brand death faster than ever.

But a retailer still believes that one needs to come to the store and take stuff. They believe the consumer has to take that pain and make that move.

One needs to realize that people still go out shopping to malls or to buy groceries at supermarts. They still watch movies and eat out in restaurants.

Routine is out and experiential is in.

So for any business planning to make that plunge into the high uptake cost of retail set-up, not just the product or service, but you need to build an experience for me that I may want to explore. It is then I would love to come over and over again. And yes, I expect to have a wow factor every single time.

Don’t disappoint me… after all, I am your consumer.

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