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What we read… is it true anymore?

Facebook, the social media bigwig, is facing a huge credibility problem, with a lot of fake news on its primary delivery form of Whatsapp and the secondary channel of Facebook.  This is some impact –

Food that we eat is it pure anymore?

Food is no longer the purity that we once assumed. If you wish more purity then you need to pay more – organic or cleaner or farm produced or some other fancy term to gain more share of your wallet. Within the reach of the common arm is having some problem:

  • Maggi noodles banned due to chemical adulteration
  • Milk cows milk adulterated due to cows eating garbage
  • Coconut oil mixed with water

Its the profits or just poor intentions or lousy execution. One doesnt know. It just happens.

Time for the veracious business paradigms to take center stage. Let the purity prevail over greed. Let the positive prevail over negative.

Let the real prevail over fake.

New technological initiatives are making this possible at least in the digital world. Artificial intelligence and content screening through monitored filtered make it possible. Lets brace for the better setting!

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