#GrowMore This week: #MondayMotivation #SeasonsGreetings

As the world sublimes into the joy of happiness,

The glowlights tinkle with more brightness.

Cities and villages in western lands are covered with snow,

They eat, they make merry and their faces just glow.

We think and believe of what went by,

It’s one more opportunity to forgive and make happy those who cry.

We live in testing times where head is heavier than body,

Alone are people usually as they have their machine and need nobody.

At least now, as we come closer and rejoice,

It is these moments that we should more often recount and revise.

As we look at the tasty food and so lovely faces,

We need to forget the heavy days and restless phases.

We do the numbers and we do the math,

We believe in building models right from scratch.

We trade our currency for a bit of coin,

We peep into a world what the bots define.

We must not judge, become more compassionate and treat people fairly,

We must do aspire to make that difference and GROW DAILY.

Line Art Christmas Greeting Postcard

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