Alcoholism Deaths (in Females) is correlated to households with toilets

Two major things that draw everyone’s attention is the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan with focus on the making more and more toilets. There is a lot of celebrity buzz as well on this. Check out the promo videos here.

Taking learning from states like Gujarat, Bihar imposed the Prohibition in the state. The evils linked to Alcoholism in men are known.

However, with this correlation I was able to establish a reasonable link between deaths due to alcoholism among women and lack of toilets in households.

The data for deaths in women due to high alcoholism is real numbers reported and data for toilets is percentage of households with toilet.

Correlation is 57%

Surprisingly, higher the percentage of households with toilets, higher is the number of women deaths due to alcoholism. Are we adding more evils here?

Check out here.

Households and Alcoholism

Source for Households Data – Wikipedia
Source for Female Deaths due to over alcoholism – Government of India published data

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