#Mobile #Phones do have Bearing on Road Fatalities

It is often discussed and ‘guessed’ that whether the mobile phones have any impact on a person’s ability to drive safely. The Government and Road Safety Interest groups strongly support the view while the regular drivers, who are habitual of multi-tasking in this world, say well they dont agree with this.


Inspired by these conflicting opinions, I did a quick correlation test for Mobile Phone sales per country and the number of road fatalities as reported by WHO.

With a magnitude of 98.76%, mobile phone sales have a direct correlation with number of road fatalities. This correlation stands true with data of over 25 countries with China and India topping the list of mobile buyers and fatalities both.

Check it out –

No of fatalities and Mobile Phone

Sources of Data :
Road Fatalities – Wikipedia
Number of Mobile Phones Sold per country – Wikipedia

Clearly a candidate for Causation study.

Drive safely!

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