Weekly #AI Digest: Human Performance & Car Eyes

In 2016, a study was done to check with the experts in the trade of AI to find out what did they think about the evolving AI taking over the human performance. In simpler words, when will the AI driven machines becoming better performers than human beings. The results of the study are below:


Image Source: The Technology Review

Some noteworthy things here.

  1. AI driven machines will be better at the game Go by 2026. Remember the graph above is from 2016 and has an approximate scale of 10 year interval on time line.
  2. Most of the periods of machines surpassing humans are with a median range of 40 to 45 years. A typical worker works for 35-40 years, so much for job security.
  3. Full automation is 125 years ahead… Really, can we think that far? Even if we can, whats the veracity of this? Did we know 125 years back that we would have see a boom of internet and smartphones 100 years back?

Going back to the first point of AI driven machines beating humans in ‘Go’ game by 2026, the ground reality remains humans are humans.  DeepMind’s AlphaGo successfully won the Go game over the world champion in 2017 itself.

Find out more here.

AlphaGo Beats Ke Jie

So much for the forecasts of the experts. Things are changing more rapidly than one could imagine. Is it good or bad? Only time will tell.

Even wondered how a self-driving cars see the world around them when they are out on the street? The next two videos will give you a glimpse in the Eyes of the Self Driving Cars:

Google’s Self Driving Car

Uber’s Self Driving Car


Hope you enjoyed this edition. Check out for more next week.

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