Weekly #AI Digest: Voices, Wardrobes and Bickering in Homes, Influence Map

The week gone by saw launch of Amazon’s Echo Show. With this, Amazon has upped the game of voice-activated speakers market. Learn more here.

Amazon is making a killing in this market with over 70% market share as reported by

eMarketer Echo
Voice Enabled Speaker Market Share

eMarketer. The whole market is slated to grow by 28% this year. It is also expected that Google Home would make further inroads in coming years while Amazon shall continue to keep lead for some more time. Would be interesting to watch if any new entrant or an incumbent spoils their party or something completely revolutionary comes and changes the game yet again.

With consumers in the age bracket of 25-34 years, this surely is going to make a very interesting market in days to watch. Amazon introduced Echo Dot last year to make this a mainstream product. This strategy seems to be working well so far.


eMarketer Age Split
Voice Enabled Speaker User Split

It is expected that this year more than 60.5 million Americans are going to use the Siri, Cortana or similar voice assistants at least once.

The inflection point for this technology is fast approaching as the cost of production and implementation is going down. With the costs reducing, the prices shall also come down and this technology shall become mainstream soon.




With Echo Show, Amazon has just extended its lead over Google Home.


‘Mirror, Mirror… On the wall…’

Remember these old classic words. Voice enabled assistants may bring this to the real world. Now,  Alexa would also get into your wardrobe and help you in judging your outfits.

Learn more here.



And lastly, be careful while you have fight with your better half next. Data Engineers and Scientists are working on building an algorithm that would predict when couples start fighting. While so far they have reached to the point of analyzing and rightly identifying when the bickering is happening, the goal state is to predict it.

Patterns of couple’s language and physiological signs – heart rate, skin conductance, moisture etc – are being analysed to identify which way a conversation is going. The goal state is become relationship counselors.  Learn more here.


With more and more technology entering our homes, it is important to seek more love and lesser fights.


Lastly, check out the current VentureBeat World of AI influences from around the world. The map says it all.


Happy week to you!


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