April Mid-week AI News Roundup

Last week’s round up on the AI news. Some key announcements:

  1. Jeff Bezos told the investors about Day 1 and how Amazon.com is bracing AI to bring it more closer to the customer every day. Here is a link to his letter to the shareholders.
  2. Infosys announced its plan to further sharpen its focus on automation and machine learning.  Read more here.
  3. There is a growing concern that the AI algorithms can be deflected and influenced by racial and gender biases. In the two articles below, Science Magazine and BBC Tech group explore more.

‘The advent of automation, increasingly powered by machine-learning software, has also prompted clients to ask that their orders be fulfilled with fewer human staff, hitting the IT companies’ revenues based on time spent and number of people employed to fulfil the orders.’ – Vishal Sikka, CEO, Infosys

Video pick for the week:

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