Scale or not to scale

In current times, we see scaling as a fundamental criteria of success by many.

If you look around, you would see many businesses fumbling and then failing in their chase to scale new heights. Much more than before, people are trying to scale new professional heights, many a times compromising lot more than they should.

Some are successful in scaling. Most are not. For businesses, the fuel to scale is capital. Capital access is at an all time low for businesses. So scaling is easy, quick and doable now.

For individuals, scaling happens in skills, opportunities and professional growth. When businesses scale, individuals also gain new skills, they get new opportunities and they have professional growth.

However, the scale is being challenged and many a times leading sharp declines or businesses. Look around and you would see some key news items:

  1. Paytm walks out of Snapdeal Buyout talks
  2. Westinghouse goes bankrupt

Scale often gives a feeling of invincibility and rapid scaling at times is a poison pill to survival.

Then how come some businesses and so the individuals, scale and then sustain at a higher level. Its like a steep step-up to the next level and not just a scale up.

The differentiating element is ability to build trust. For businesses, building trust in their customers about their ability to deliver and for individuals, building trust in their immediate circles about their ability to execute.

So scale as much as you can but scale while winning trust of others.

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