Inventions and Innovative Systems Open New Security Threats

We build inventions and innovate on existing techniques to assume more power – monetary, authoritative or territorial.

In the process, it is human to just focus on the positives of a particular idea, initiative, technology, system, method etc. Time and again, in real life and in movies, we see that human beings tend to go to the edge of invention and innovation, without looking at the potential pitfalls, and in many cases minefields, created in the process.

In the successful comic series and movie adaptation Spiderman, we come across Green Goblin – the civil super-villain. GG is the culmination of Norman Osborn unbridled technology and research explorations. Norman overlooks the threats completely and exposes the world to super damage with his negative aspirations.

A similar recount, we see from the latest podcast by Dan Carlin on failure of human race to handle its own weaponry.

Look around in the business world, you can see mountains of threats being overlooked by owners, managers, executives and boards in day to day management. Accumulation of these small minefields is enormous. Many business have failed the test of time due to this – fall of great Indian unicorn club to partial valuations, administrative failures of multiple government schemes over the years and in our backyard with everyday corporate initiatives.

Mature successful, sustainable and impacting inventions and innovations are the ones where the risks and threats are given the due attention that they deserve.

The advent of new technological innovations is exposing the world to new threats. Internet of Things is a potential innovation that is exposing the world to a multitude of threats – given its openness and adoption potential. Security planning around it when done well can leapfrog organisations to the next horizon. Here is your cheat sheet for IoT security reviews.

At least, we can take sound steps today to be safer and successful tomorrow.

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New IoT Threat Attack

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